Taalman is a successful, family owned business and have been operating for over 40 years in the radiator field. We strive for good customer relations and are committed to give you the best value for your money which has resulted in the good, long standing reputation that Taalman enjoys.

Maarten Taal Sr. was the founder of Taalman dating back to 1970. As an immigrant from The Netherlands and with his engineering background, started up a one man operation business in machining and servicing the local radiator shops. As time went on, working hard and establishing a good reputation, the company prospered and grew to a successful family business today. Through the growing years Lainie Taal, wife of Maarten worked in the accounting department. As the children got older they also got involved in the business. First to start, was the oldest son Brian, followed later by sister Riekie, brother Maarten Jr. and sister Pauline.
Currently Brian Taal and Riekie Roncinske remain active in the business.

For customers in USA please contact Taalman - Laredo,TX.