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  • Taalman #270B Bolt 'n Buddy  
    BOLT 'N BUDDY TOUGH AND LASTING Advantages: Steel casters; Winch platform centers core on pads; Thick rubber pads prevent fin damage; Self aligning pad bearings; 2 convenient trays for parts, tools, nuts, bolts and washers (swivel & removable); Hanger for gasket material; Easy action self-locking winch;- 12 locking positions; End bar on base opens to allow platform to be rolled under the core. Specifications: Ship weight 275 lbs; Lifting cap 650 lbs
  • Taalman #265-1 Hoists/Lifts 
    Same as our model #265 except with an additional 12" of stroke (52" total) Shipping weight: approx. 650 lbs

    Shown here with test tank
  • Taalman #265 Hoists/Lifts 
    ½ TON CAPACITY HOIST MODEL #265 TOUGH AND LASTING Advantages: - 40N stroke; The prime load is transmitted to main rigid post (A) therefore, the free standing hard chromed piston shaft (B) receives no loss in lifting capacity and side friction resulting in longer lasting performance and virtually no binding; 8 rollers with a total of 16 precision bearings are mounted in main shaft trolley for smooth performance; Operates on standard shop air pressure; Smooth step control valve; (E) swivel points; 2 steel bars (C) supplied for securing to; Mounts easily to floor expansion test tank; shields and threaded bolts; * Small, large or rectangular arches (D) are all; Control valve c/w copper heavy duty with double locking pads; tubing and fittings
  • Taalman #260 Hoists/Lifts - All Positioner 
    ALL POSITIONER RADIATOR HOIST TOUGH AND LASTING Advantages: Air operated; Lever operated air control valve; Hardchromed main shaft for smooth operation and long life; Easy to install; Takes heavy load; Air over hydraulic oil for maximum control; arch will lock in any position; 3/4" acme threaded clamps with bronze; Smaller arches available; Shipping weight: approx. 420 lbs
  • Taalman #256 Hoist/Lift 
    #256 Universal Radiator Hoist/Lift
    350 lb. capacity.  Precision holed seamless tubing.  Tough piston cup and ring. 3 pivot joints for total control of repair positions.  Easy 360o manipulation.  Hardchromed shaft for smooth operation and long life.  Air over hydraulic oil for maximum control.  Clamps with 3/4" ACME threads in bronze nuts.  Operates on standard shop pressure.
  • Taalman #250 Hoists/Lifts 
    UNIVERSAL HOIST TOUGH AND LASTING Advantages: 150 Capacity; Precision honed seamless tubing; Tough piston cup and wearing mounted on piston; 3 pivot points fpr total control of repair positions; Easy 360 degree manipulation; It comes with a smooth action air control valve and 1 /4~ copper tubing, c/w fittings; Shipping weight 150 lbs