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  • #072610A-8.3 - HDR: 25 3/8" x 5" - 50 lbs. 
    Cummins 8.3 solder-on complete set

    Top Tank
    This tank has a 2 1/4" diameter hose connection, a 3/4" diameter bypass hose, a 1/4" NPT flange on the top for an expansion fitting, a 1/4" NPT flange on the front, a pair of 1/2" NPT flanges on either side of the expansion baffle for sight glasses, and a 2" diameter stand pipe for a filler neck.
    Bottom Tank
    This tank has a 2" diameter hose connection, and two 1/4" NPT flanges.
    Side Frames
    These frames have two 1/2" NC threaded studs @ 36 1/4" centers offset towards the engine side.