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  • Universal Pressure Tester Kit 
    Universal Pressure Tester Kit

    This tester kit is comprised of a hand-pump with an attached pressure gauge.  Several adapters make this tester compatible with all makes of radiator caps, and many sizes of threaded holes.
  • #351-CAS Charged Air Cooler (CAC) Tester Kit 
    #351-CAS Charged Air Cooler (CAC) Tester Kit

    This kit contains:
    A 2 1/2" closed test plug, a 2 1/2" open stem test plug, a 3 1/4" closed test plug, a 3 1/4" open stem test plug, two 2 3/4" rubbers, two 3" rubbers, two 3 1/2" rubbers, two 4" rubbers, a CAC 35# tester with guage, two CAC plug safety clamps, and a rugged plastic case.

    Replacement parts and complete XHD plugs are available for all sizes upon request.